About me,.. Personal Data




Me and my Puggie !!



20 July


1.89 m


Administrator / Insurances

Driver type

Like granny... (evil grin ;-)




205 CTi 2.0 c.t.

Date of Birth

March 1992


1035 kg (est.)


Atlantic Blue


195x15x50 Bridgestone S-02 pp


 Jamex crap with Racimex spacers rear




1998 cm3 Injection Turbo

Engine type


Diam. x Stroke

86 x 86 mm

Compression ratio

8,0 : 1


150 BHP (108 kW) at 5300 rpm


235 Nm at 2500 rpm



205 CTi 2.0 Turbo

Citroen XM 2.0 Turbo C.T. SX
120 km/h on clock =

123 km/h

0-100 km/h  

10,8 (Automatic)
0-120 km/h  


80-120 km/h 2+3



5.73 sec


6.63 sec

8,4 sec (Automatic)

8.15 sec

Top speed  

215 km/h **

208 km/h

Click here to view the Execl sheet with the sopwatch-times ....... till today !!


* Estimated average time after multiple runs on different days and places

** Top speed driven so far with this gearbox: 210 km/h on clock... with correction it should be around 215 km/h



My cars......

I started my Peugeot career when I was something like 15.... totally in love with the 205 model,.. and making my father going nuts when driving past (or be overtaken by... hehe) a 205 GTi and saying: look dad, there's a 205 again,... is that a great car or what ?!?!   Then at the age of 17 we decided to search for a damaged 1.6 GTi to fix and drive it. One happy day we found it,... a '87 1.6 GTi, with 1.9 rims and a nice spoiler set around it. Well, look at the pics and see my cars from the first till the one now...


My first Peugeot: the 1.6 GTi from 1987,.. with the new styled dash, 1.9 rims and a full bodykit.  
Hide,.. and see ! Play mobile car: the bodykit and the Ferrari red is looking great, this car is one of the best !! (curious if it's still driving around though.... )
An aquintance of me said once: even if there was standing a Ferrari next to your car it still would look great,.......I guess he was right after all....  
The accent shield at the back of the 205 is a bit of a joke: with the full supersprint exhaust and the 1.9 engine with K&N it runs slighly better than a 1.1 accent !
And this is what it looked like in the end: new direction indicators (white), a stut brace, the 1.9 conversion with the 1.6 gearbox and some more nice mods,.....  
The 205 16v, at it's best side: 309 GTi rear axle, Magnex exhuast, new styled rear light units ... standing excactly at the spot where from it was stolen,.....
Mean machine, but not for me.... I've had the feeling that I did the transplant for the thieves who allmost drove the car for 1.5 years ! I drove it like,.... 4 month ? DICKHEADS  
This is how the car stood at the garage where I bought it (look at it saying ; buy me, buy me !!!) ,....... never met such an arsehole as the guy who sold it to me,.... haha ! (he promised me lots of things and I had to forse him to do so,....I had to say things like: I'll put your garage on fire if you don't do..... it worked !)
One of my favorits; my CTi standing at the waterline when I just bought it. Still wearing it's 7J rims,... nice to look at, but just a little bit to wide..  
When I got the car I bought a Remus exhaust for the looks, and cleaned the car all the way >> fitted a nice big K&N to get some sound out of the engine !
This is how you people must think about Holland: the cows eating out of your car, man having big wooden shoes to step on the accelerators, clutches etc etc. Well, here's the proof: you're right ! 

Nice thing of a cabrio: the roof can be opened, eeerrhhh, but not electrically at my car ! One of the things that ARE electric at mine are the rear windows,... rare thing...
The second set of pics is taken allmost a year later: the plastic plate between the rear light has been removed, using Pug 306 shields, and the rims are removed to make place for the stanbdard 1.9 GTi ones..

Like I said: the 1.9 GTi rims are very nice under the car..... I think it's one of the best rims to mount under the 205,... also fittedf new Rallye RTT-2 tires under it. (195 / 55 / 15)
Still wearing it's 1.9 engine,.... together with a red Pug in front of a futuristic building,... but some month after this pic I transplanted a 2.0 turbo in it,..... read my story !!

After 2 weeks of hard hard work my baby could get back home,.. on a nice stretcher ! Totally ripped my exhaust but my car was home,,... ready to end the transplant job.....
So this is what it looks like now: heavy in the front, light at the back,..... like a wolf in sheeps-cloth,... or do you see anything at the outside ??

The lion at the grille is from the 306, not very good to see, but it simply had to be done: the back is also adjusted to the new model standards....
The back is adjusted to the standard of time: like the last few 205's the plastic between the lights has been removed, now making place for the 306 Peugeot and Cabriolet shields.