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16 Valves,….

                                Pulling the Pug !!

There I went buying a 205 1.9 GTI ('89) in Apeldoorn ...Yellow Bird they called the crazy thing in the advertisement (greetings to Auto Smaling !). Ha, yeah, yellow NERD they probably meant. The poor car really looked like shit: yellow striping, a yellow (little) lion and yes,.. even yellow indication shields (205 GTI and Peugeot).yugh ! But, hey, the rest of the car and its interior really looked first class, so I bought it. The first action I undertook was replacing all the yellow parts by the original red ones (some I could easily re-spray). Than I build in the radio and some more of those ice-things (Alpine, Pioneer and Magnat combined)….and after a couple of weeks the search for horses began. As we all probably know: horses are the creatures the average GTI driver is always searching for . After some reading and searching in GTI, Max-Power and other tuning magazines, I came to the conclusion that the best option would be a Magnex exhaust system. Max Power really liked this power box, gaining a marvelous 7 bhp.. real horses they (probably) meant...and together with the K&N ….it had to deliver me about 10 bph (I guessed). Well, I really got disappointed there. Actually, the sound really was nice (as Max promised me ), but I couldn't say it was any faster ? Bummer, 413 pounds less in my pocket and still nothing ! That really was a nasty feeling (I couldn't stand), and on a rainy afternoon I called the 'parts-searching-line' (it's a telephone number you can call when searching an automotive part. The part you're searching for appears on a web of computers). Yes, I'm searching for a 1.9 liter engine, with 16 valves, either from a 405 mi16 or a 309 16v. Well, actually, a Citroen BX 16v engine will do fine too, thanks. It only took them half an hour to ring me back...asking me if I was looking for a 16v…YES ! My name had to be Luke, 'cause he had one for me from a 309 16v. So, I immediately jumped in my car and went to look at the wreck. Damn, it really crashed hard into something ! The generator and the inlet-manifold broken...hum, but, the engine only ran for 30.000 miles... AND, the man would give me a 3 month guarantee on it ! So, again I called the parts-line and told them I was now searching for an inlet manifold of one of the 16v engines I previously mentioned. I think I may call it luck, (after all, my name is Luke), within 1 hour somebody called me he had the manifold for me (128 pounds), and would send it to me by post. Great ! So, the day after (LOL), I bought the engine and within 2 weeks they took it out of the 309 wreck, and I could get it. The real fun could start now…

This WAS a 309 16v, accident ?? What accident ??

Removing the old engine wasn't a problem at all (disassembling is always easy, hehe). I got some (pretty handy) information from an aquintance who did this job more often (1.9 16v and 2.0 16v). He told me that everything would fit just fine, only with some minor changes.

The generator and starter are practically the same as the 1.9, only the generator differs in amperage to his '8valve brother'. Because of the damage to the generator I used the 1.9 8v one, and that just went fine. Using the 309 16v engine mount, there where no problems putting the (rather big) engine into the little 205. The exhaust-manifold went really close aside the bulkhead, a problem I wouldn't had have with a 405 mi16 manifold. (that's because it's a real compact one !). It did fit, happily enough ! 


The water-hoses didn't bring me any new problems, only 1 little connection at the right of the radiator was missing, so I made that. Beside that, the radiator had to be put under an angle in its plastic housing to clear the inlet manifold. Using some creativity it worked fine (having a centimeter play !). I also put a second fan into the housing to ensure the engine would get fresh air when needed.

The next problem was with the wiring. The 16v would use the factory-computer, that fact I was sure of. So, I put the wiring in the car, and compared it with the standard 1.9 wiring. (there was also a part missing of it, caused by the accident) Right, I spotted a difference (it mst have given me some nice fire-works !). Two (large) brown connectors (under the airflow-meter) didn't compare. So I went to Peugeot and copied almost all the electrical schedules they had of the 205 and 309. After 1 day and night intensive research (pff, no brains no headache !) I found the differences. Actually, only 4 connections did differ, so I changed those.

The air filter had to be changed too since the 309 is just a little wider then a 205, and it has the airflow meter exactly at the same place as the one in the 205 GTI. Lack of space is the diagnose…., so I bought a air hose from a 405 MI16 (the one between the airflow-meter and the inlet-manifold). This option fits nicely, although I had to replace the water-reservoir for the windshield to the right-side, instead of the usual left (see picture). After some searching, I found out that the water-tank from Beemers baby (the compact) fitted fine as this is a very little reservoir. Normally the jack is in the left side of the car, so it had to move elsewhere. I found some place in the spare-wheel (attached with tie-wraps !),…..

The next problem was with the exhaust. No big deal.(at least, that's what I thought,…). I used a short piece of the original 309 16v mid-silencer which I connected to the mid-silencer from Magnex: it went easily under the car with some minor changes, and so did the rear-silencer from Magnex. (pitty I couldn't use the manifold…It simply doesn't fit on the 16v head, as this one is using 2 out'-ports per cylinder.)

Than, the most important moment: starting the engine ! It all sounded really nice, but, the engine wouldn't ignite (you know what I mean). Could it be an electrical problem ?? Checked at least 5 times. No, no mistakes in that matter. Like that, the car stood outside for 2 weeks: we simply couldn't find the problem. Even with a 405 mi16 as an example for measurement.: all measured values where the same. The problem turned out to be a mistake of our own.. The rotor and distribution cap was oxidated that bad that the sparkplugs couldn't get enough power. So I bought a new cap, and yes indeed, the first stroke it ran ! Marvelous job !.

Everything worked perfectly, and especially in the beginning the driving was very spectacular. In the upper rev.range it tended to spin the wheels even in the third gear. Marvelous feeling. The only problem I had was after app. 1000 km when the fifth gear went to heaven. No big deal, because it turned out to be just a loosen nut. Than, we went on a holdiday….

The holiday to the south didn't go exactly as we planned. The Magnex mid-silencer seemed not to be resistant for the vibrations and the higher gas-volume from the 8 extra valves. After app. 750 kilometer it began shaking and making lots of noise, creating the worst sound at 4000 rpm. We had a short stop, and after a problem-diagnose we continued driving. After the holiday I immediatly rang Biesheuvel and explained my problem. No problem, they told me. Magnex comes with a lifetime guarantee. They would simply order a new one, but it would take some weeks. After 7 weeks it arrived finally. But,.. as you can guess, this one couldn't handle the extra power either....after 1000 km it was broken again.. Magnex and 16 valves simply didn't seem to work. So I went back to Biesheuvel with the mid-silencer and the manifold (couldn't use it anyway).....happily enough they didn't argue about it, and they gave me my money back. Actually I didn't see any money, because I bought 2 brake discs and pads (mintex) and the original 30916v mid-silencer. The discs I really needed, because the old ones faded quick and it wasn't real safe.

Actually, I had a lot of fun with my 205, just until the day that…….it was stolen! Well, bye bye hobby, and bye bye money !! I had some really bad days back then, as you can imagine….

Nowadays I'm driving a 205 cabrio (1.9)....and I've to say that it gets loads more of attention then the 16 valve....and do I hear you say it's slow ? Well, comparing it with a standard 1.9 GTI (122bhp) it really isn't slower, so I can live with it…..I guess ………till that rainy afternoon……….