Eric's 205

Pearl Metallic Yellow

1.9 GTi 'NOS-ed'




After driving (1 week) in my original 205, I found myself looking for more power. I started thinking about putting a turbo on my 1.9 engine but on my holidays I brought something else home; it was a NOS system. (laughing gas...)

This system delivers about 50-60 hp, about the same I would get from a turbo.
The extra power is very present:

Here a few tests from 50-75 Mph
In 3rd gear : 4.45 sec, had to let go of the throttle, because of wheelspin.
In 4th gear : 5.8 sec
In 5th gear : 7.2 sec

Fitting the set is rather easy to do.
The set contains:

You start under the hood:
Check around the throttle body for a suitable place to mount the microswitch so that it will be switched when the throttle is fully open. 
See if you can drill a hole into your plenumb chamber to fit the injector.
If this seems impossible try to fit it in a air hose of the air inlet system. Make sure there is an airtight connection..
Find a suitable place for the two solonoids. Not too close to the exhaust, because of the heat. 
Before you connect the two lines to the solonoids and injector there are two jets which go in between the injector and fuel lines.
These jets determine how much increase of hp you get. The larger the jets, the more power you get.   
Now locate an original fuel line of the injection system and tap an extra line from that. Attach this line to the fule filter of the NOS system. The next thing to do is to jack up the car and fit the long flexible fuel (NOS) line under the car.  Try to fit it next to a brake line or fule line if possible.

Now check your trunk to see if there are any existing holes where you can put the NOS line through. If there is none you will have to drill one yourself. Fit the bottle in the trunk with the mounting brackets that come with the fitting kit. Attach the NOS line to the bottle. Check the connections for leaking with some dishwashing detergent.

Now for the electrical connections:
Place the on/off switch somewhere in the dashboard or in some place you can easaly reach it. Connect two wires of the solonoids to the 12v connection of the ignition. Connect the other two wires from the solonoids to the microswitch. Connect the other connection of the microswitch to the on/off switch on the dashboard. The other connection of the on/off switch goes to Negative (ground)
If everything is installed OK you should hear, when you put the throttle to the bottom, a hissing sound coming from the injector of the Nitrous and fuel being injected.
Now time for a testdrive!!
If everything is OK you will be hurled forward like a jedi knight!!!!
Here a few pictures of the system/parts.

Bye Bye and see ya,