Wouter's 1.9 GTi Gutmann 


As a birthdaypresent I gave myself this red 205 GTI about three years ago.I saved it from an incredabely tough guy with a pony tale. I started with taking all the ugly stickers off. Then followed the towing bar.

A set of blue Gutmann lowering springs were already fitted, so it was nice and low.The rear silencer, mark unknown, also looks very nice.



Then you become a member of the 205 GTI club and you see all these nice tuned and restyled cars and you start thinking, hmmm....what should I do first ?

Well, I started with a strutbrace, a rollcage, gearknob, some nice pedals, stearing wheel and doorpins from Sparco, a couple of new seats and an airfilter of J&R (almost the same as K & N 57i kit). And finally, to save some weight, I removed the rear seats and rear wiper. The spare wheel made way for a emergency inflation bottle, but this all was  nothing compared to the next:

It all started with a little rust on the bottom of a door. I had been looking around for a nice one but didn't get it. Then I got a call from a friend who said he had one. For some reason, I don't remember why, I didn't got the door....

After a few months he called again and asked if I still needed the door, and I did. He could get a door from Hilgert out of  a 205 Rallye which had been smashed. This deal also didn't make it. Then I got some Gutmann wheels and had them polished. With new rubber on them they looked quite nice.  Specially when the red stripes in the bumpers made way for nice chrome ones.



During a meeting Ron , GM16, told me about a Gutmann tuned 205 with collision damage he got in Germany. It had a perfect door! YES!!

My 130 hp engine was beginning to show some slight problems but in the damaged car was an engine which had covered about half the mileage of mine, also 8 valves but slightly worked on by the men of Gutmann. They fitted a high lift camshaft and different computer. Still it made 140 hp and they are hp's made on a rolling road, so they are REAL hp !! It has nice smooth torque so it pulls from below till the red line. The top end is an acceptable 215 km/h. So a nice new hart for my red car, and something different then a 16V engine. 

Since my 205 is from the first generation it's got the old style dash. I have to say that, after 3 years, I got a little tired with it. Especially the quality of used materials doesn't make it with the new style. To make a long story not longer.....the dash from the other car had to go in mine. Behold the long but fun times of the refitting of my new dash. It became clear that you definately need some electrical knowledge to do this. I have, in the past, worked on my moped but this was something a bit more difficult. But no fear, Ron was here!! Thanks a lot man !!  

Planned an evening and started taking the car apart, starting with the interior. First to go was the windshield, made working on it a little easier. At the end of the evening both dashes of both cars were out. Then you see what you began to do....  Man !!  a lot of wires !! and a difference of the 2 cars, who only are 2 years a part in age.



Despite the fact that the 206 T16 has the same dash as mine nobody really likes it. I think I'll put it next to the garbage. Then began fitting the dash in... First all the wires were put in place and fitted the heating radiator. Next thing to do was simply put the dash over it and tighten all the nuts and bolts.

Then all the connections could be made, which didn't give much problems. After that, new door trims were fitted and the rest of the wiring was done. (rear lights and indicators).   

Then the engine department; started with draining the cooling fluid and removing the radiator. We didn't remove the entire front including subframe but did this in two steps. It is a big difference in weight. 





Since there were a lot of new parts on my old engine I put them on the Gutmann engine, like starter, gearbox, and clutch. We also replaced the distribution belt and distributor cap. For the final results a Magnex 110mm with a beautiful exhaust manifold, resulting in a bit of hp and torque, was fitted.


Then the moment had arrived, turn the key and...., the lights work, heater works, windows work, nice, and now starting. Turnig the key and...Yes starter is turning but, NO WAY, doesn't run.... Took a sparkplug out and saw we had no spark. What could it be?? Let's see if another spark amplifier will do the trick. Starting again and... YES !!  He runs !!!! Let it run for a few minutes and try the throttle a bit. It picks up quite fast, obviously a different camshaft !!




Now for a testdrive.... After warming everything up, very easy all these dials, put the throttle a little deeper. It's amazing how easy it climbs in rpm. Untill about 3000 rpm it's all about normal, bu then all hell breaks loose!!. You get a push in youre back and it pulls in a straight line to 7000 rpm. (quite a lot for 8 v engine), and then....rev limiter interupts the rush. The sound that comes from the exhaust is quite heavy at 3000-4000 rpm but above that it just sounds very 'racy'.



And now it's about ready. Well at least the dash and engine, you have to look twice to see if something has changed because you don't see anything at the engine (apart of the little stickers). By the way, the door still hasn't been replaced......


This is what's left of the original donor car.