205's going WIDE !!



After driven in a "normal" 205 GTI, I wanted something special. Now I noticed a body kit from Dimma (very wide). After looking around at several tuning companies I was told that the kit wasn't available anymore, I should make it myself. From a friend I could buy a reconditioned  engine and complete interior, so that shouldn't be the problem. There was only one problem, it all had to be put together. So one friday night we drove to Emmen to get the engine and have some fun in the nightlife there. The day after, we went back home with the engine and other bits and pieces. This was the first step, now for looking for a good body. Several days and about 50 scrapyards later I still didn't find one I liked. Then one day I was just driving a bit when I spotted a Dimma kitted 205 at a second hand dealership. Looked again... YES !!  DIMMA !!. Rang the doorbell, talked a little and got it for a reasonable (cheap!!!) price. Started it, but didn't drive it since it had no insurance. Wrote the car over to me and off I was. After about 20 yards I thought; what have I begun!!, the carpet was about black instead of red, the car had been used as a transporter so it seemed. there also was beginning to form a big cloud behind me, but hey, for the money it would seem logical. First thing to do was to get some gas and check the oil. After about 20 km I tried if it would go a bit. It was very fast from the line and 2nd and 3rd gear but after that it was going downhill, with a top end of about 180 km/h. It was a big dissapointment!!  


After studying the engine we found out that a Dr. Schrick camshaft had been fitted, that explained a lot. There was something very wrong with the engine because I had to fill one litre of oil every 250 km and half a litre of cooling fluid. The body was also beginning to show some rust and the polyesther bodywork was beginning to let go too.  In October started taking the car apart, took the engine out and opened it up. Then we found out what the problem was: There were some pieces of the headgasket missing.

 With everything opened up looked for more ways to get extra power. In the beginning thought about a 16v transplant from a Citroen BX with other camshafts and complete exhaust system with manifold. All this would be very expensive (about 4000 guilders for the engine without all the other modifications). I ended up at Van Der Welk in Doornenburg and they suggested NOS ( Nitrous Oxide System). The advantage of NOS is the low burning temperature of 300 degrees celsius and in the proces creating a lot of oxygen. The oxygen then mixes with the fuel and creating more power. Another advantage is that the NOS brings down engine temperatures. It is possible to get a power increase of up to 50 percent. According to Van Der Welk the total power should be about 225 hp. This with full race camshaft, exhaust system with manifold, hi compression pistons and the NOS. There is one problem with the NOS; all the engine components get much more power to handle so I contacted Moredo Engine Service, these guys have plenty of experiance in hi power engines. They work on Ferrari engines and many BMW V8 engines. At the moment they are rebuilding the engine so that it should have no problem with the extra power.

Then the body. This will remain standard as much as possible. Only changes that will be made are: new frontspoiler and lowering the car about 6 cm. For now the lowering will be done with Jamex equipment and around May 2000 I hope to fit a complete Intrax lowering kit. Total adjustment possible !  The color will be original red.... only a little brighter than standard. The color is also used on Mazda's 323 F models. It's a color that always shines, no matter what side you look at it.

Most likely a double Laser rear silencer of a Honda Civic CRX will be fitted. (one little exhaust pipe is not enough for me). The interior will be pleased with two red Jamex seats and the rear seats will be removed. The NOS bottle and a nice woofer will be put there.

Most of the ICE will be from Sony, the X-plod series, not to expensive and still very good quality. The headunit will be an MD-player with multi disc changer, the amplifiers will be from thesame series as the speakers and subwoofer, which series will be a secret...... The cablework will be from Sinus Live and the battery will be an Optima.


I'll keep you all informed on my Dimma adventure and maybe we'll see each other at a meeting somewhere or a carshow.


Greetings Ruben