205 1.9 Rallye




Purchased in june 1998. After a minor accident (about a week later, I could cry) it was decided to totaly restyle the car. It used to be a 205 rallye in white but over the years it got a few dents and scratches. So the decission was to make it a clean and tough little car. The color should be 106 Rallye blue with white rims. The meaning was to do it perfectly so everything had to come off to respray the inside and outside, so in the weeks that came we (me and a technical friend named Koen) spent most evenings working on the car. Engine, gearbox, suspension, windows, dash, cables, seats,...etc everything came out untill we ended up with a bare chassis. Then started to work on the body (with another friend named Karel). We decided to weld every crack for stiffness of the body. After that we resprayed the inside and the engine bay first so when rebuilding some components we couldn't damage the outside by accident.  The original 1.9 GTI rims were painted in bright white and we fitted Bridgestone S02 Pole Position tyres. The lower front spoiler, grill and  headlight covers were ordered at Stroeve in Hardenberg. Also a strut brace, automatic hood, K&N 57i Kit, blue carpet (309 16V), blue doorpanels and new rear shocks were fitted. For the final touch the stickers of the original 106 Ralley (new model) were added. But bare in mind, we are about 9 months later in the proces. And believe it or not, the car is already for sale!! If possible  to a peugeot freak!!



Peugeot 205 1.9 Rallye

. 04-1990

Km. 120.000

accesoiries as in story

Fl. 10.500,- (view first)