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  A 'blown-up' story....

And indeed: the rainy sunday afternoon came...: a friend of me offered me the chance to buy a 2.0 turbo engine from a Citroen XM. Or, to be more precize: the engine was allready fitted into a  205 with all the (,.. okay okay,.. allmost all !) the needed changes allready made. Cool ! The only problem was the time... since there was a mega-busy period in front of me, I wondered if I should do it (buying the engine): I really didn't want to do the job, and it didn't give me the feeling like I had with the 16v,.. a conversion I planned long before I finally did it. But,... since a opprotunity like this wouldn't be an offer on daily bases, I didn't have to think about it very long. The way I said it, I did it, unfortunately I had to buy the entire car, because my friend wanted to sell it, and not only the engine: he wanted to migrate to a land far away,... where the sun shines a lot more than here !! The car was a very experienced one: it has allmost seen all of the possible engine type for it: the 1.6 GTi engine, the 1.9 16v (MI16), de 2.0 16v (S16), a 2.1 turbo diesel (Citroen XM) and the 2.0 turbo (also from the XM).  So, if I wanted to do the job, I had to rebuild 2 cars instead of one,... and I would have one car with wich I couldn't do a lot when I was ready. One problem was solved very easily: the brother of my girlfriend was interested in the car, with my 1.9 l engine inside. It would be lots of work,.. but than you really have something ! The next problem was to find a good place to do the conversion. In a do-it-your-self-garage ?? No, that doesn't work the way I want it to, and I would probably pay me poor due to the time it would take me to rebuild the two cars. I was very very lucky that an aquintance with a car-damage repair company offered me the opportunity to help me (Robert en William, you're the best !>> check out the Beckers & Zn. autoschade internet site !!!). It really couldn't be better: a 2 column's lift and the required cut and chassis tools. So, on a saturday morning we started the job. Below is a small review of the things we did the first week


Right, this is what they call a 2.0 turbo,… with the suspension from a 1.6 GTi, discs from a 1.9, the gearbox from a 1.9 and some further modifications.

The 405 MI16 rims are very sporty looking under the purple 205 (in fact it's a Porsche 911 colour),… problem is they don't fit 100% due to a different E.T. value, and so a 309 rear axle with a set of (not neccesary) wideners from OMP- wich use nuts instead of bolds for fitting the wheels.

Yep yep: Turrrrrrrrrbo !

Under the plastic cover is the fear of every engine: distribution bla-bla. Before mounting the engine into the car I replaced the belt-tightner (what's the correct word for that thing ??) because it was noisy ! Was a good thing to do: it was totally done with it's job...pitty for me was that the use of a 'Seem-meter' isn't always a garantuee for a correct tension on the distribution belt. I over-did the job so the belt was too tight: noisy thing.. Peugeot corrected my failer.

Yes yes 1900: say bye bye to this Cti,.. your engine will be transplanted into the front of a brother 205.

Remarcable for this 1900 is the power: 122bhp in stead of the of-fabric 105 or 115. It's allmost as fast as a 1900 GTi, which has some gain in app. 75 kg less weight.


Next thing I decided is to concentrate on the 1900 so that my brother in law (at least he will be in the future..) could drive with the car, and also could go to the RDW (it's an institute that checks your vehecle at it's state, and technical state, like the TUV does in Germany). Unfortunately the wiring was a crap thing to do,... it really didn't go easily. But than again, it wasn't my own fault: the wiring was that much changed (or mis-made) due to the different types of engines that were previously in the car: a switched + melted all the way down to the dashboard because I thought it was a -, and connected it like that to the chassis of the car.... haha (bad smell). After a whole week spending my free time in the garage the car was that much ready that I thought the RDW couldn't tell me shocking things,... something I seemed right about. The car runs really nice, although there are some things that ask for attention: at times the engine stalls and wil not run anymore,... and after 10 minutes it starts again. And another problem is with the cold-start unit,... which isn't working properly (give some blue smoke at idle).


Point of wasting time: a cracked engine mount from the 1900: took us some time to replace the thing by a new one (which was allmost cheaper than a second-hand one)


 A 1.9 GTi ,..weights 860 kg ?? Don't think so Tim !~ make that 890, because that's the ammount that the weight-lift of a certificated company told us. Nice to know that the car doens't have electric windows, power steering or other strange (and heavy) things: now you know the weight of your own car..... surprice ! Second nice thing to know is that  the turbo weights 90kg more than the 1900,... just give it a count what my CTi will be. Arhmmm, and add to that the extra weight of electric windows in the back and the rear axle of a 1.9 GTi (discs!). So, I guess the CTi (or CTtii, if you call it by it's internals) will weight something like 1035 kg ... and I think that's pretty much !!!!. So, the next thing to do was working on my own car,...

Getting the engine into it's bay wasn;t really the biggest problem. Het inhangen van de motor was weer eens het minste probleem. Met ophanging en alles ging het omzetten perfect, zelfs geen aandrijfas die hoefde worden gedemonteerd, helaas wel een rubber die losschoot, maar met een beetje stevige tie rap bereik je veel. Voordeel voor mij van dit onderstel is te vinden in echte draagarmen ipv de enkele arm met stabi stang die de CTi heeft,... een systeem dat iets minder stevig is, en op het oog zelfs akelig zwak... nu dus gelukkig iets steviger ivm de extra power.


If you take a closer look you'll see the ophanging of the 1600 Gti,.. ractically identical to the 1900 on some minor changes (like the discs, which I have from a 1.9 GTi). If you even take a closer look you'll see the loosend axle rubber.


Voor de motor passend te krijgen heb ik een deuk in het schutbord geduwd met een pers, om de turbo en het uitlaatspruitstuk met 1e pijp wat meer ruimte te geven... bleek in 1ste instantie nog te weinig, want na een paar rake hamerklappen is er nog altijd geen vinger tussen te steken. Verder behoefte de carrosserie weinig aanpassingen; alleen voor bij de radiator heb ik 2 beugels gelast om de radiator een flink stuk te laten zakken, iets wat op de foto goed te zien is.

Nobody said it would be easy, nobody said it should be done: goed te zien is waar het schutbord ingedeukt moet gaan worden: bij de linkerkant waar bij de engelse 205's het stuurhuis doorheen gaat, en de vouw rand moet ook helemaal weg,.. althans van links tot over het midden heen.
On this picture you can see the radiator mounting points: allmost 10cm lower than the original place, so the inlet pipe gets some room to breath (litterally).
And this is how it looks from above: pretty filled tummy I think so,.... and the radiator is 10cm lower than standard, looks kind 'a racy, doesn't it ?


Next chapter: the exhaust,...

This is what it looks like when you want to put a turbo into a 205: a very very sharp bended 1st exhaust simply has to be, because the SCHUTBORD is in the way, and even that I've put a cm or 5 into the car,... getting warm feet for granted !
No no, don't complain !: if I'll do it, I'll do it like it's supposed to be: the 8% power loss I'll take for free,.. to be honest: can;t notice the difference. So: I simply melted the kat under the car,.... green machine !
As you can see: no finger space left,…but than again: that's not where it's meant for...  :-)
Dont lough at me !!! The spare tire won't fit anymore,..really , not in the way I want it to... why ?? Take a look:


ps: stupid combination of pics, ain't it ??

The double trouble (mid- and end silencer) of the XM takes all the space, so I could opt for only one silencer,.. but like this it will be really silent and smooth,.. the way I like it to be. It gives the car a real wolf in sheap-cloth effect.... if you know what I mean.


Next thing was the computer: I was lying in the engines bay, just above the turbo together with the fule filter, something I really didn't like. Electronics and high temperatures really can't go together I think, so I replaced the computer to the original 1900- GTi place: under the dashboard. God dam'n, what a stupid, brain dead job ! It took me for 4 hours,.. and more to do it properly ! I gues something like 30meters of cable I've used, and 2 meters of crimping plastic. Talking about creating malfunctions.... haha BUT: the computer now lies cool, and it looks much better under the bonnet.

And than... le moment supreme: the first time I could drive my 205,.. clicked in the head lights and without the grill on the road.. doesn't matter. Together with Maurice very carefully driving around the block,.. you never know... straight to the fuel-station for pumping some air into the tires.... tot 2.2 bar ( slightly more than standard ... for compensating the extra weight of the engine) and on the way back,.. hit the throttle !!!.. no no, don't blink you eyes when you hit 40 till 60 km/h,.. you'll miss the 50 ! First impressiom was really good: this is one of the better engines for the 205,...nose up, bottom down,... accelerating like a lion ! There where enough problems from the start, but I consider them as starting problems: the fan didn't work, letting the engine reach a unhealthy 110 C, and a leaking exhaust and some major nasty cracking sounds. But hey, the car ran, so no big deal...

turbo14.jpg (26122 bytes) This is what it looked like at the end,.. pretty nice,.. isn't it ?

Next thing on the list was the distribution tension-rol which I had changed because it made noise... but now it was making a strange noise again ! Peugeot thought it was the belt again,... I had overdone my job, and now it was too tight. A very very kind mechanic from Peugeot helped me to get the belt at the proper tension... and now it's nois-less. great ! Tip for myself and all of you out there: if you use a Seem-meter to get the belt at the right tension,... first get some experience with it,.. because it's not an easy job,.. Another problem was that the lamp from the emergency-program of the ECU was burning at the strangest times. So at Peugeot they ran an ECU test and it turned out to be a knackeres PINGEL-sensor. A part from app. 128,- (35 pounds) which I changed right on. Tere's also a permanent malfunction of the absorbsion tank from the fuel-tank, but that's normal,... since I don't have one. The nasty part from a burning lamp of the sensor is the los of power: stupid thing if you're just overtaking an Honda Goldwing on a 80 km/h road, going up-hill in a pretty nasty curve..... but I pased him anyway and created an angry face under the helmet of that guy.... idiot: ever saw someone push up your car ,... with a motorcycle ?!??!?! Nice detail of the turbo engine is that when the road goes up a hill the pressure in your back is quite much,....

Soon we will line up some test-results... we wil measure the 0-100 km/h time, from 80-120 km/h in 3th, 4th en 5th gear and some more of this stuff so it will become clear what the strong and weak points of the turbo are...  Just for fun we will compare these measurements with a Porsche 911 (3.2 L, Ruff tuned, 240 BHP, 1150 kg) and a Mercedes 500 SL (320 BHP, 1850 kg),... nice to know, and fun to compare,.. isn't it !? Just for now: when I pulled aside a standard 1900 GTi it seemed that the gap between the cars became pretty big:,.. gives a great feeling: Maurice and other friends tells me that when I'm accellerating it looks like a toy-car that's being catapulted.... haha !.

Unfortunately the sensor kept giving wrong information to the computer resulting in los of power and a burning lamp in my dashboard. At the same time, I started to realise that such a sensor is a kind of microphone listening to the engine,.. and a microphone uses shielded cables,.. doesn't it ?! I realised that I had seen 3 of those cables when I put the ECU inside the car,.. and used normal cable instead of the shielded type. After some searching I found the perfect (shielded) cable to use for it. It was a f..... job, because the ECU and all the cables had to be removed from the car again,... but: the result is worth the extra trouble: no malfuncions anymore from the sensor (the new one I could give back to the Peugeot dealer !!) The turbo now even gets some more power at times: normally 0.5 bar and with some more time to build up the power 0.6 bar. the normal numbers for a Garret T25. With just a bit of wet weather I can now spin the wheels on commando in the 2th gear,.. and don;t get me wrong: the gears (ratio) are really really long, and the tires are fine: Uniroyal RTT-2, one of the better rain-tires.

So, that was another true-happend story of me: hopefully the theft-club will leave me alone for a longer time, so I can enjoy my baby,… but let me add that this car is better secured, with a mul-t-lock and some other things, it's standing inside a garage every night (you can't leave your second girl-friend outside, can I ?)... and,.. now I know where to search when it's stolen,... rings any bells ?? (it has to ring a bell at some people,.. they know what I'm, talking about !).

Greetings,..... and watch out for,... the French Turbo Terror !!!!!!


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