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Rear light units !


From september 1990 Peugeot fitted new, restyled rear light units on it's 205 models. These units look a lot more modern, and something a lot of people want to do is to replace their old light units with the new ones. Unfortunately the old connectors won't fit on the new units, and some connections need to be re-directed. This page describes the things you need to do to do (twice, haha) the job.

During the '205' production years Peugeot used two brands of rear light units: AXA and Valeo, recognible at the small print on the lens of the unit or at the reflector which is shiny from AXA and mat from Valeo. Ofcourse you can order them at Peugeot, although it will set you back around F50,- UK pounds. One of the better option is to look at a car-part-center: the units were mounted on al the 205 models, so they should be available plenty..... unfortunately not true: everybody seems to be searching for them ! 

The new units have a seperate reverse-light unit, mounted in the right-bottom spoiler where in standard form is just an empty lense with nothing beneith. The unit costs only a minor 15 UK pounds and you could simply order it at the Peugeot dealer. At my 16v I did have a reverse-light unit but I didn;t connect it: it was not neccesary for the yearly checkup (APK) of the car... and sometimes it is handy when people tend to stop very close to your back at the traffic lights...


The conversion

The text below describes the conversion I did on the '85 model 205 GTi 1.6 from my brother in law. I'm not sure the colors of the wires are the same on newer models.... if you find differences please mail me: doing so you can help other people to find out more easlily how to to the job !!!

Start with taking the 2 units of the car: don't un-screw the lenzes (which are attached with 2 bolts each) leave them on for now. The nuts (1 on each unit, 10mm) for the units can be found behind the cars carpet on the left, and behind the waterreservoir from the rear window washer. After the unis are of the car you can also easily un-screw the lenzes (although this is not an neccesary action).

On the 205 with the old model light units (yours I guess) there are 2 connectors on the left unit and on the right unit only 1 (see the tables below). It's easy to see that the LEFT unit has been used to connect the RIGHT unit. From the front of the car (fuses-box) there's a wiring loom from 6 wires attached to the LEFT unit, and from there, only 5 wires are going to the RIGHT unit. In the table below you can see how the wires are connected: the left colums describe the connector from the 'feeding' cable (coming directly from the fuse-box), and the right 2 colums describe the connector and the wires that are connected to the left unit for feeding the right unit. These 2 connectors on the left unit are connected with eachother inside the unit, only the ground from the right unit is something different: this is taken directly from the chassis (behind the left unit). The orange wire will be connected to both old and new model units and is redirected to a special connector on the unit where the connector from the fog-light is put on. The license plate light is the last exeption: the new model light has a connector on the LEFT unit hense the old model unit has a connector on the RIGHT unit. The best way to solve this problem is descibed in the part below.



Old model conector (wires from loom)

Old model connector to the right (and right)

Wire color


Wire color


Red Reverselight Blue Reverselight
Green Brakelight Brown Brakelight
Yellow Normallight Yellow Normallight
White Indicitor LEFT (Green / Yellow)


Blue Indicator RIGHT White Indicator RIGHT
Orange Fog back light    

Looking further there are 2 connectors on the LEFT old light unit :

Brown connector (Fog rear light)

Wire color Function
Red from Orange
Green / Yellow Ground


Black connector (Ground)

Wire color Function
Green / Yellow Ground on Carross.


And at the old units models you can also find one connector on the RIGHT unit :

Brown connector  (License platelight)

Wire color Function
Red from yellow
Green / Yellow Ground



New model connector (wires from loom)

New model connector to the right (and also right)

Wire color


Wire color


Yellow Normal light / Parkinglight Pink Normal light / Parking light
Whit Indicator LEFT Green Brakelight
Orange Foglight Blue Indicator light RIGHT
Red Reverselight (Green / Yellow)


Green Brakelight    
Green / Yellow Ground    


Further at the new model unit there are 3 connectors on the LEFT unit :

Red connector (Reverse light)

Wire color Function
Blue From Red
Green Ground


Brown connector (Fog light)

Wire color Function
Red From Orange
Green Ground


White connector (License platel.)

Wire color Function
Yellow Normal light
Green / Yellow Ground (from Yell.)



What is the best way to do this job... what is the easiest way ? Maybe you found the new-model units on some car cemetary, and maybe you one of the lucky ones with even the original connectors on them. My brother in law was such a lucky one.... perfect and fitted within 2 hours. In de description below I'll explain how to works when you DON'T have the original connectors,.. and have to do everything with little connectors you can put on the wires yourself. Start with loosening the old units... as described earlier.... next thing(s) to do are:


Blue Reverse light GONE      
Brown Brake light   Normal / Parkinglight Yellow
Yellow Parking light   Brake light Brown
(Grn / Yellow)


  Indicator RIGHT White
Whit Indicator RIGHT   Ground (Green / Yellow)



Connections unit LEFT

Wire Order new unit LEFT

Connections RIGHT

Yellow Normal / Parking light Yellow
White Indicator LEFT  
Orange Fog light  
Red Reverse light  
Green Brake light Brown
Green / Yellow Ground Green / Yellow