Single Wiper conversion


A single wiper,.. we've all seen it once or twice and there are a lot of questions about it. Can you do that on a 205? How much does it cost? Can you make it yourself? and How?
To aswern these questions: yes you can do it yourself and it is simple. The only things you need are some basic tools and access to a welding machine. You could also do it with bolts but there is quite some force on the wiperarm, so welding is preferable. The following text explains how to make a stunning single wiper from your two wiper system.


What you need:

To make a single wiper just like I have on my CTi you need the following components and tools (it's like a shopping list :-) ):

.... you didn't forget anything ?? Let's get on with the real work;




This is one of the axles which just came of the car. The lenght measurement from center- till center is 6,55 cm (from the center of the kogel till the center of the axle). Purpose of this job is to shorten the distance... to be more precize: it should become 4,8 cm from center- till center.
Remove the plastic cover of the axle to prevent it from burning when welding. Best thing to do is to disassemble the whole part by removing the spring clip at the top (sometimes a bit of a hard job). because most axles are a bit rusty after years of non-greased use.. and a bit grease won't do it any harm.
After welding, spray a bit of paint or sink-spray on the welded parts to prevent it from rusting. Re-mount the axle using plenty of grease so the parts will easily slide against eachother. After that take a vijl and aan de onderkant van het asje een plat stukje zoals in de foto hierboven te zien is.
The second stangetje is verwijdert zodat de motor weer in de auto geplaatst kan worden... druk de stekker er weer op en zet de motor weer vast met de dikke bout. Zorg dat het slangetje ongeveer legt zoals op de foto. Wil je trouwens de wisser in het midden hebben in rust stand dan moet je het asje met kogel op de motor een kwart slag verdraaien !!
On this picture you can easily see that the achterste kogel stays on the wiper-engine, and that the bovenste kogel will be used to drive ther single wiper. Mount the axle on it's place again and be sure to use some grease on the kogel and it's plastic housing.
Make a little hole just under the axle-gap.. just wide enough to get the little plastic T-piece in in (with a little force). Use a little (plate)bolt to get the 3rth hole closed... ofcourse you can also use a plastic tube connector with only 2 connections.. so you won't have to close a 3th hole. Use some black tape to cover the left gap of the big plastic plate (since there will be no axle in it).
Put the big plastic cover plate loose on the car and mount a watertube which will lead to the wiper on the window. The tube coming from the electric pump you can connect on the other side of the T-piece. Be carefull that the tube will not touch the axle... use a tie-wrap to attach the tube to the big plastic plate (see other pictures). Push the plastic plate back into it's place and re-fit the little (torx) bolts.
This is it: the Citroen BX wiper, including a water-spray installation on the wiper itself. The actual wiper can be taken from a standard Peugeot 205 and will provide a rather neat cleaning area.
As you can see I attached the little tube eith a tie-wrap to prevent it from touching the axle... and to prevent a knocking sound. The tube should be made just as long as it will move freely over the wiper when it moves to te other side of the window... so don't make it too short ! Use a bit of black tape to hide the hole in the plastic wiper-nut-cover !!
So this is the final result: a single wiper in the middle of the 205 window. Looks quite nice, doesn't it ? You can even put the wiper in the middle of the window in 'rest' position by removing the little nut on the back of the wiper-engine.. and turn the axle that's on it till the wiper is in the middle of the window. Should be done in minutes.