Year Month Action Model (‘s)
1983 Februari Announcement of the 205 range  
1983 September 205 went on sale in 4 models: base, GL, GR and GT (and offcourse: GLD and GRD) GL, GR, GT
1984 April First GTi 1.6 was sold in the U.K. ,available colors: 1.6 GTi
    Alpine White, Cherry Red, Graphite Grey, Silver, Black  
1985 Februari Softer settings for a better ride 1.6 GTi
1985 September The first CTi’s came of the
production line in colors:
1.6 CTi
    White, Red, Graphite Grey and Haze Blue  
1986   Slightly restyled dashboard instruments, 1.6 GTi & CTi
    The large water reservoir in the front wheelarch was replaced by 2 ones (back & front) 1.6 GTi & CTi
    Three seat belts at the rear  
    New external mirrors (larger)  
  May More powerfull 1580cc engine (115BHP) into the CTi 1.6 CTi
  December Introduction of the 1.9 GTi and the 1.6 CTi  
1988 Januari Re-styled dashboard (modified on the late ’87 models) GTi & CTi
    Re-styled rear: new spoiler, which
was bolted on in stead of glued
1989 September Powersteering became an option GTi & CTi
  Augustus New BE-3 gearbox with reverse position to bottom right, Slightly bigger exhaust GTi & CTi
    New colours on CTi: Ivory White, Scarlet Red, Silver and Graphite Grey (no Hazle Blue) 1.6 CTi
  Oktober Show special models in Miami Blue and pearlescent Sorrento Green (1200 cars)  
1990   Power steering standard on the limited-edition modells  
    Color Topaz Blue for a very short
time on the GTi
    Possibility for Atlantic Blue on the CTi  
  August Electric hood standard on the CTi (not for some German models)  
  September ABS became an option  
    Miami Blue, pearlescent Sorrento Green, Steel Grey Metallic  
    Green/Black & Red/Black Quartet velours centre panels  
    Front indicators became clear (white), Rear lenses redesigned  
    Plastic on door trims, bumpers and
dashboard became black
    Griffe was introduced in Laser Green at the Paris Salon Gentry 1.8
1991   Laser Green metallic paint on GTi (only available for 12 month) GTi
    Catalytic converter on the 1.9 GTi models and the 1.6 CTi (not on the 1.6 GTi) 1.9 GTi & CTi
1992   End of production for the 1.6 GTi
(end of year)
1.6 GTi
    Air-conditioning became an option (from
the end of 1991)
    Power assisted steering standard  
    Gentry with automatic transmission, pearlescent Sorrento Green or Aztec Gold metallic Gentry
1993 Oktober End of production of the 1.9 GTi,.. last on Oktober 1994 GTi & CTi
    Special model  


Source: Sporting Peugeot 205’s by Dave
Thornton (ISDN: 1-899870-19-9)